Celebrities’ GiftSimple Registries For Valentine’s Day

We love to hear about what our customers are registering for. We also love to imagine what celebrities would register for if given the chance. Well, US Weekly read our minds and published a piece “Valentine’s Day Gifts Celebs Want.” Here’s a summary with our own take.  Feel free to leave your comments below!

OLIVIA WILDE: A.L.C. Brass Bent Nail Heart Pendant necklace. ($150, barneys.com)  This necklace either says “I am open to love” or “I have a broken heart”… either way we like it!

Olivia Wilde A.L.C Brass Bent Nail Heart Pendant Necklace

RASHIDA JONES: We thought celebs had “their fingers on the pulse” of fashion trends but in this case wear the pulse on your finger with Sarah Chloe’s rose gold-plated Heart.Beat ring ($79, sarahchloe.com)

Rashida Jones Rose Gold-Plated Heart.Beat Ring by Sarah Chloe

CAMERON DIAZ: We all wanted Carrie Bradshaw’s nameplate necklace, initially! Here’s an upgraded version: Maya Brenner Letter Necklace. ($258, mayabrenner.com)

Cameron Diaz's Maya Brenner Letter Necklace
ALEXA CHUNG & KIM KARDASHIAN: I never thought these two ladies would have the same taste in anything but YSL’s Arty Oval ring is a crowd-pleaser.  Both already have the ring in turquoise, so they must want the gold-plated glass ring (red) with “love” engraving. ($250, ysl.com)
Alexa Chung YSL Artsy Ring

EVAN RACHEL WOOD: We’re a fan of this lady’s hisssssssstrionics!  And the Bulgari karung-skin purse on her shoulder. ($2,250, bulgari.com)

Evan Rachel Wood Bulgari Karung-Skin purse

SOPHIA BUSH: The One Tree Hill star already wears Love, Chloe Eau de Parfum Spray ($85, sephora.com) but maybe she’s running low.

Sophia Bush Love, Chloe Eau de Parfum Spray

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