Practical Gifts for Grads on GiftSimple

Congratulations class of 2012!  Instead of managing an inventory of giftcards or returning unwanted gifts, why not get the graduation gift you really want? Too expensive for one person to buy? GiftSimple can help you crowdfund it.

Here are a few gift suggestions:

1. Camera

Say cheese! Use a new camera to capture the big day, and then whatever comes next. Whether digital, SLR or video, a new camera is a practical gift that can be used to capture milestones yet to come. 


2. Furniture

Recent graduates probably don’t have a lot of furniture. And now they have either a dorm room or new apartment to furnish.  A furniture fund is definitely a better alternative to picking up a couch off the side of the road!

Sofa  Mattress

3. Moving Expenses ($750+

Recent graduates may not have a lot of furniture (see above) but moving what they do have can still add up. Whether going away to college, moving into a new apartment, or back home with Mom & Dad, contributing to a Moving Fund can help pay for a U-Haul truck, professional movers, and even storage containers. 


4. Travel Fund

Planning a trip with friends before everyone goes his/her separate way? Traveling can be expensive. Help a recent grad set out on an adventure by contributing to a Travel Fund. The money raised can be used on plane tickets, hotels/hostels, luggage, food, etc. Bon Voyage!


5. Watch

A watch is a gift that can last a lifetime and even be passed down to the next generation.  And what better occasion than graduation to bestow this gift? Classic timepieces like a Cartier Tank are a popular choice. 


6. iPad / Laptop

A new laptop or iPad is the perfect gift for a recent graduate. From writing papers to keeping in touch with friends, a new computer or tablet can keep a recent grad connected.  

iPad       Laptop

7. Memberships

Independence can be expensive. Help a recent graduate afford his/her living expenses. Gym memberships, bulk food warehouse memberships, or even a Netflix subscription can all help a recent graduate save money on his/her entertainment expenses.  

Gym   Bulk Warehouse

8. Briefcase

Whether interviewing for a summer internship or starting a new job, a recent graduate should leave a backpack behind.  Contribute towards a new bag or briefcase for a more professional look.


9. New Wardrobe

Recent graduates need at least one nice suit - for an internship interview or a new job. Help fund a new wardrobe for the next chapter. 


Did you know that the idea for GiftSimple originated from Founder Jessica Lachs’s own gifting experience at her graduation?  Learn more about the story here.

Let us know what you think of our gift recommendations in the comments below or share with us on our Facebook page!  Happy Gifting!