Get Dad the Gift He Really Wants for Father’s Day

Dad might say “I don’t want anything” when you ask him what he wants for Father’s Day. And he might be happy with a phone call and and “I love you,” but what if you could help him buy something he’s been saving for - the gift he really wants but can’t, or won’t, buy himself? GiftSimple can help you organize a group gift for Dad. And if you’re the kind of person that waits until the last minute, don’t fret - GiftSimple is quick and simple! Learn more at or by visiting our app on Facebook.

Here are a few Father’s Day gift suggestions. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

1. Apple iPad ($499

Is your Dad the only one of his friends without an iPad? Does he keep coming up with an excuse to use yours?  Now’s the perfect time to chip in an buy it for him.

Apple iPad

2. Flying Lessons or Other New Experience 

Why not help Dad afford that new experience he’s been wanting to try. Whether it’s learning to fly a plane, golf lessons, car racing or a yoga retreat, GiftSimple can help you pool money from friends and family to help Dad experience something new!

Flying Lessons

3. Wine Tour or a Great Bottle of Wine

Has Dad been dreaming about going on a wine tour of Tuscany or Bordeaux? Help make his dream a reality. Or consider buying him a great bottle of wine from that region with a note suggesting he list the trip on GiftSimple and start saving up for next year! 


4. Sports Tickets

Whether Dad prefers baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or NASCAR, tickets to a big sporting event are a great way to make him happy and spend some quality time together. 


Let us know in the comments what gifts you gave Dad this year. 

Happy Father’s Day! Love you Dad!

Creative Ways to Give Cash Gifts

The end of the school year means it’s time for graduation gifts and teachers’ gifts. Our last post outlined Practical Gifts for Grads using GiftSimple (see below). Cash is the most practical gift, but can sometimes seem impersonal.  Here are a few ways to get more creative with cash giving:

1. GiftSimple (of course!)

GiftSimple is a social gift registry, where users register for gifts and tap into their Facebook network to pool contributions from friends and family. It’s like layaway, with a little help from your friends. And GiftSimple can also be used to organize group gifts for others. Perfect for end-of-year teacher gifts, or that friend who won’t tell you what he/she wants. Visit us at, follow us on twitter @GiftSimple, visit out page on Facebook, and view our boards on Pinterest.

2. Box of Chocolates Money (

Box of Money

This clever gift is sure to get a smile. While it’s a great way to give your Grad cash, it can be used for almost any occasion. If the gift recipient is leaving on a trip, you can include the currency of their destination.

3. Money Soap (

Money Soap

Talk about delayed gratification! Putting money in soap might be slightly cruel but it is definitely creative. And a great way to make sure your Grad keeps his hands clean!

Do you have other creative ways to give cash gifts? Tell us in the comments below or write on our Facebook Wall.

Happy Cash Gifting!