You Shouldn’t Have! No, Really… The Worst Gifts (Part 1)

At GiftSimple our goal is to make gifting simple. We want to help you get the stuff you want from the people you know. Emphasis on “the stuff you want.”  At some point we have all received a bad gift. But have you ever received a gift so bad that you were rendered speechless? Something so terrible you couldn’t re-gift it because there was no one you disliked enough? We asked our customers to share their worst gifts with us.  Here is a preview with some of our favorites. If you have a bad gift you would like to share with us, comment below, send us a message or post on our Facebook wall.

1. A Re-gifted Book

I love books. They are usually a safe bet if you are buying me a gift. However, a re-gifted book, with a handwritten note from the original gift giver to the gift receiver (who is now the gift giver), is not OK!  A lot of people re-gift but be sure to check for any personalization before passing the gift along to a new recipient. 

2. Coupons

If someone needs to shell out their own money to enjoy your gift, then perhaps it’s not really a gift. Discount coupons and Buy-One-Get-One-Free vouchers aren’t gifts.

3. Pets

Puppies might be adorable but they are also a huge commitment. Pet ownership is a responsibility that should never be imposed on someone by a gift.

4. That Questionable Thing From Your Basement

If you’re not sure what something is, chances are the person you are giving it to won’t know either. Calling something a “conversation piece,” doesn’t make it a good gift. Some things are better left in the basement (or the trash).

5. A Scale.

Really? I can’t believe anyone thought this was an appropriate gift. Weight is a very sensitive topic for many people. No matter how fancy, a bathroom scale screams “you should lose some weight.” And is that the right message for a gift? I think not!  Editor’s Note: This includes gym memberships. Unless specifically requested by the recipient, giving someone a gym membership is not a good idea.

More to come!

Please continue to send us your gifting horror stories and you might find yourself featured in our next blog post.